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Modifications in the Pennsylvania State’s Medical Marijuana Program

Publish Date: 03 March 2022; Author: Silvia Tobi.

Pennsylvania state’s Medical Marijuana Program

Here comes another massive change in Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program. The Pennsylvania Department of Health is all set to prohibit the use of marijuana products containing additives, which the FDA has not yet approved.
Does that mean medical cannabis use can also be affected?

Well, not completely!

But it certainly affects vaporized medical cannabis products.

Does it only affect vaporized cannabis products? Well, let us understand it all with the statements passed by the authorities!

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What Do The Modifications Include?

The state has uploaded a list of more than 600 products on the official website of the DOH that they are functioning to ban. With the passage of this list, the Department has also asked the processors and growers to stop dealing with the listed items. Not only this, but the Department has also sent official emails to the patients and their designated caregivers who are part of the Pennsylvania Program. The email states:

“The Pennsylvania Department of Health is committed to ensuring that the state’s MMP is operating effectively and appropriately since the state has recently conducted a review of all the vaporized medical cannabis products, including several added ingredients. Post review, the DOH has determined that several specific vaporized medical cannabis products include some additional ingredients that have not been sanctioned for inhalation by the US FDA.”

After receiving this email from the state’s DOH and getting the information about changes in the MMP, the Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition is not at all happy about the decision.

Hence, in a press conference, they gave the following statement:

“The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition strongly disagrees with this ill-advised action by DOH to prohibit all the additives used in vaporized marijuana products. And this ban directly leads to affecting the second-largest marijuana product category in the market.

The DOH has previously approved the products mentioned in the list, which hundreds of marijuana patients have been effectively and safely using to deal with their debilitating conditions since 2018.

Earlier, the Department has not publicly reported any adverse effects, but this sudden notice has caused panic amongst the marijuana patients.

They further added that the notice sent through email is a complete gross misinterpretation and is not based on any scientific standard.


  1. Tom Varga

    How can I find a registered MMJ physician in Pennsylvania?

    • Patricia Samuelson

      Locating an MMJ physician is pretty easy now!

      All you need to do is,

      • Fill up an online evaluation form with My MMJ Doctor
      • Schedule an appointment with a medical doctor at your feasible timing
      • Get evaluated by the licensed medical doctor as the doctor will connect back on the chosen timings.

      And your post-approval, receive your medical marijuana card at your registered email address.
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