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Garry Stewart
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March 23, 2024

Moon rocks weeds

Moon Rocks which are also known as cannabis caviar or infused flowers are products that are highly potent with cannabis. They are made by combining three components including marijuana flower, cannabis concentrate typically known as hash oil and kief which refers to as the dried trichomes of cannabis flower.

Now you might wonder why the name “Moon Rocks” because of its resemblance to the actual rocks present on the moon. In the recent years it has gained a lot of popularity and is famously known as “champagne” or “cannabis caviar” To consume Moon rocks, you first need to grind these small rocks into smaller pieces just like any other cannabis. Then use those small pieces as you want to like smoking, vaping or any other method. But it’s important to note that, since moon rocks are dense and greasy, using glassware such as a bong or pipe works best, though keeping them lit can be tricky.

What is the Potency Level of Moon Rock cannabis?

Moon rocks are well known for their high levels of potency because of their concentrated form. They have high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. And the levels of THC levels could be around 50% or more. This is what makes it much stronger than any other form of cannabis.

How are Moon Rock Weeds Made?

Moon rocks are made by coating cannabis buds with cannabis oil or concentrate, which can be in liquid or solid form. This sticky layer of oil allows the kief (cannabis crystals), a powdered material high in powerful cannabinoids such as THC, to adhere to the buds. The buds are then rolled in kief, which enhances their strength.

Following the coating process, the moon rocks are allowed to dry for many hours or overnight. This drying stage allows the layers to stick to the bud and makes the moon rocks simpler to handle. The ultimate result is a highly strong cannabis which is better known as Moon Rock.

What is the Method to Consume Moon Rock?

As mentioned above there are many preferred methods to consume moon rock but the most popular one is to smoke moon rock. But it’s important to avoid putting them in a grinder or rolling them in paper as they can clog grinders and burn too slowly in papers.

Instead, use glassware like a pipe, bowl, or bong, and mix with regular flower for an even burn. Fill your glass piece with flower, place a small chunk of Moon Rock on top, and light it.

How Does Consuming Moon Rocks make you Feel?

Moon rock offers a unique and long-lasting effect on the person because it is highly potent with THC. The effect of moon rock varies from person to person depending on various factors including the amount of intake, the type of ingredient used to make it, and the level of tolerance a person has.

But those with lower levels of tolerance have the most intense effect, especially while using larger amounts of moon rock weed.

The moon rock high is often described as a full-body experience, starting with a head rush and spreading throughout the body. Users commonly report feeling:

  • Euphoria
  • Increased appetite
  • Heightened sociability
  • Relaxed deeply
  • Pain relief
  • Feeling “spaced out”

It is important to note that the effect starts within the 30 minutes of consuming the moon rock

What are the Potential Risks and Side Effects of Moon Rocks?

Due to its high potency, Moon Rocks pose dangers to health, particularly for inexperienced users:

Overconsumption Risks as High THC levels increase the possibility of severe psychoactive effects, such as anxiety, paranoia, depression and panic attacks, particularly among beginners

Moon Rocks can impair cognitive and motor functions, affecting jobs like driving or operating machinery, resulting in accidents and injury.

Furthermore, it raises the heart rate for up to three hours, thus raising the risk of a heart attack, and weakens the immune system, making it more difficult to fight infections.

Tips for Using Marijuana Moon Rocks Safely!

To use moon rocks safely:

  • Eat beforehand to lessen the effects and prevent nausea.
  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water, especially since dry mouth is common.
  • Choose a safe, comfortable place to relax without responsibilities.
  • Start slowly to minimize intensity, especially if new to moon rocks or high-THC strains. Wait several minutes between inhales.


Moon Rocks are potent cannabis products made by combining marijuana flower, cannabis concentrate (hash oil), and kief. They offer a strong high with effects like euphoria and pain relief but come with risks. High THC levels can lead to intense psychoactive effects, impaired functions, increased heart rate, and weakened immunity.

So, instead consider medical marijuana options for therapeutic benefits and consult with an MMJ doctor to obtain a medical marijuana card for safe use.

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