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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

May 3, 2024

my dog ate marijuana, what should i do

Marijuana, be it recreational or for medicinal purposes, is legal in some parts of the United States, resulting in easy accessibility to people. However, this has also increased the concerns, especially related accidental ingestion by pets like cats or dogs. Studies conducted by the Animal Poison Control Center reported a 765% increase in calls regarding marijuana consumption in pets in the year 2019. Additionally, according to a veterinary study in Colorado, incidences of marijuana intoxication in dogs have increased a lot. If you are taking medical marijuana and a dog parent then this blog is for you! This will help you learn what to do if your dog accidentally consumes “weed”.

What is marijuana toxicity in dogs?

The main issue according to Highland Park Residents is a rule made by the council in August 2021. This rule allowed shops to sell cannabis, places for people to use it, and delivery services in the area. Some residents who are against cannabis said that not only this rule, but also a bigger law in New Jersey called the Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance and Marketplace Modernization Act (CREAMMA), broke federal and state laws. But Sabatino explained that the state’s law allowing recreational marijuana doesn’t break the law.
my dog ate marijuana, what should i do

What happens if a dog eats weed?

If you suspect your dog has eaten your marijuana,you should remain calm and observe for the signs and symptoms! Dogs’ brains have more THC receptors than humans, so the effects may be worse.The clinical features or symptoms might appear within 30-90 minutes, but it may take longer depending on the amount of THC and the breed, size and age of your dog.

Clinical symptoms include:

  • Clumsiness
  • Leg Control Issues
  • Sensitivity to Light and Noise
  • Arrhythmia (Abnormal heartbeat)
  • Abnormal body temperature

Depending on the amount of THC consumed, dogs may also experience serious clinical symptoms like vomiting, or holding their pee. In severe cases, they may also shake, or experience seizures.

What to do if a dog eats weed?

If their symptoms start to worsen and there is nothing you can do , then you need to contact your nearby vet. And there are these few things that will help if your dog ate marijuana:-
my dog ate marijuana, what should i do
  1. Taking them to a Veterinary Hospital:- It’s important to hospitalize your dog urgently if the symptoms do not get better. In this manner, the veterinarian can examine their condition more closely and administer the necessary medication.
  2. Giving them IV fluids:- Dogs may receive IV fluids to help with the removal of toxins from their bodies and to stay hydrated.
  3. Supporting the Cardiovascular system:- This is done by helping the dog’s heart and blood pressure stay steady and reduce the chances of severity caused by marijuana. This might involve giving them medicine or fluids through a vein to keep their heart rate and blood pressure normal. Vets look closely at their heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels.
  4. Regulating the temperature:- Temperature regulation means making sure the dog stays at a comfortable temperature, even if they’ve been affected by marijuana as you might observe a lot of fluctuation in their temperature.
  5. Anti-nausea medication:- In some cases, administering anti-nausea medications can help alleviate the symptoms of your dogs like nausea and vomiting making them feel better.
my dog ate marijuana, what should i do

Home care steps to help dog with marijuana toxicity

Here are some easy home treatments that you can perform to give them comfort, if by any chance you are not able to reach the Veterinarian Doctor.
  • Ensure that your pet is in a secure space, especially if they’re having trouble moving due to coordination issues.
  • Keep your dog warm, clean, and dry to prevent discomfort, especially considering the risk of urinary incontinence.
  • Keep an eye on your dog’s temperature to ensure it remains normal.
  • Provide small amounts of food and water, even if your dog struggles to eat or drink. This can help in the removal of THC from their system in the form of waste out of their body if your dog ate marijuana.

Can dogs eat weed and die?

Marijuana intoxication is very rarely fatal if ingested in moderate to small amounts. The average amount of THC in a marijuana cigarette is usually 150mg so ingestion through the smoke is not possible. However there are cases noted where it has become fatal and that is due to oral ingestion with high THC levels of cannabis in the edibles.

Can dogs get high?

Yes, they can get high if mairjuana is ingested or inhaled by them in any form. You can easily conclude that by observing their symptoms like vomiting or you might notice incoordination when they walk.
my dog ate marijuana, what should i do

How long does it take to get weed out of my dog’s system?

Typically, marijuana will clear from a dog’s system within 24 to 48 hours. It is noted that most cases presenting are mild. Dogs possess a high tolerance for marijuana, yet they metabolize it differently than humans, potentially prolonging the duration of its effects.


When dogs eat marijuana, it’s scary, but usually not deadly. Stay calm and act fast if it happens. Check how sick your dog is and if needed, go to the vet right away. They’ll likely need professional help. At home, make sure your dog is cozy and check their temperature. To stop it from happening again, keep marijuana in a safe place where your dog can’t reach, like a high cabinet with a metal-lidded container. Doing these things will keep your pet safe. Especially be more cautious if your puppy ate weed, as even a small dose could be fatal for them.
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