Nebraska Medical Marijuana Campaign And Its Impact On The State

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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

May 17, 2024

nebraska medical marijuana campaign and its impact on the state

There is a massive event lined up for the Nebraska Medical Marijuana campaign for the third time in a row since this organization’s initiative for medical marijuana legalization is set to be on the ballot next year.

A Fantastic start for the campaign

In April their campaign faced the largest push in their movement by scheduling 45 events across 22 states in Nebraska.

Lia Post who is one of the original signature gatherers said it is a positive start to the move, and we hope to see and hear more about our campaign. She said, “We still have a long way to go as we are far from the goal, but I do believe more and more people will gradually join us”.

Federal Reclassification Moves Ahead

The declaration came along with information from the United States Department of Justice was committed to moving ahead with the reclassifying process of marijuana and to moving it into the less harmful category. Now the Drug Enforcement Administration is planning next month for public comment on moving Marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III drugs.

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen has been at the forefront of the political arena speaking against marijuana legalization; this is so because he believes marijuana can harm children or young teenagers and the only consent medical marijuana needs is the one approved by the FDA of the United States.

As of now, 38 states have made medical marijuana legal, and 24 of them, joined by Washington D. C., have also given the nod to recreational usage. Nebraska people have little to no access to THC products due to their strict laws. But this move could change it all for them and especially help people who are seeking an alternative natural treatment for their various medical conditions.

Current status of Nebraska Cannabis Law

The state has recently removed possession of cannabis in smaller amounts from the criminal offense which initially imposed a fine of $300.00 for an ounce of marijuana. While selling marijuana might remain still as a criminal offense with a mandatory prison sentence.

nebraska medical marijuana campaign and its impact on the state

What did our team of my MMJ doctor think about this move?

Our staff at My MMJ Doctor feels very happy that the volunteers who supported medical marijuana will feel proud of their initial success in the campaign to legalize medical cannabis. Those kinds of actions are also definite game-changers for the community. It is rather easy but in due course effective to supply assistance and comfort to needful people.


In conclusion, The movement and support by all over the states of the U.S. are positively going to help reschedule the marijuana in Schedule 3 putting it into the category of less harmful drugs. This event by the state as mentioned above including the 45 events in 22 state counties, really showed that there is a great scope of support for medical marijuana. This will also help to reduce the fines and sentences surrounding medical marijuana in the state. This will eventually make it easy for people to access marijuana for their medical conditions.

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