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Garry Stewart
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April 12, 2023

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New York Approved Medical Marijuana Home Grow

The New York State Cannabis Control Board issued regulations on Tuesday to regulate home grow rules for medical cannabis patients and caregivers. Now they will be allowed to cultivate their cannabis at home.

People who want to access cannabis for recreational use need to receive cannabis from state-licensed marijuana dispensaries. They are still not allowed to grow their marijuana. Maybe they will be allowed later, but now they have no right to do so.

“Today’s approval of the medical marijuana home grow regulations is a monumental step. It will surely improve New York State’s medical cannabis program,” said Tremaine Wright, the chair of the Cannabis Control Board.

Later, he added, the plants must be stored appropriately and kept out of the reach of minors. Its the patient’s duty to ensure that cannabis plants are not accessible to anyone under 21. Moreover, cannabis plants cannot be in public view and must be locked up.

Starting Oct 5, 2022, the regulations will allow patients over 21 years of age or older to grow up to three mature and three immature marijuana or cannabis plants in their private residences. A private residence is any building, part of a building, or area occupied for residential purposes only. Caregivers and patients can only grow in residencies where they primarily reside.

Caregivers can also grow three mature and three immature plants, but if they serve multiple patients, they can produce double the number of plants as long as they serve multiple patients.

A caregiver can grow marijuana for up to 4 patients. Still, a caregiver cannot grow more than twelve plants (six mature and six immature) at home. Moreover, If a caregiver is growing on behalf of their patient, then the patient cannot grow their allotted plants for themselves.

Mature cannabis plants are those female cannabis plants that are flowering with visible buds, while immature cannabis plants are non-flowering female cannabis plants which do not have visible buds. Moreover, landlords will be permitted to restrict growth in leases.

They can include a clause in their lease to restrict the home cultivation of marijuana, but they cannot limit a patient from participating in the medical marijuana program. Landlords can have smoke-free policies in their residences, but medical marijuana card holders are protected from discrimination.

Patients ages 18-20 years old can purchase medical marijuana products from a state marijuana dispensary. They cannot buy plants or seeds for home cultivation or grow their medical cannabis. In this case, they can take the help of their caregiver. Caregivers can grow their cannabis and fulfil their need for medical marijuana.

Chris Alexander, executive director of Cannabis Management, said – “During the process of building the Office of Cannabis Management, we recognize that one shoe doesn’t fit all, and today’s vote from the Cannabis Control Board makes sure patients have the options they deserve to get high-quality and safe medicine.”

“Since the approval of medical marijuana, we have been doing best on improving cannabis access for patients in our New York medical program. Allowing patients or caregivers to grow their own cannabis will eliminate many barriers to access.

Furthermore, he said dangerous chemicals in processing marijuana, such as butane, will also be prohibited under regulations.

While the process of getting a medical marijuana card in new york is the same as before. Patients first need a recommendation letter from a health care provider. A certified patient can then register online with the new york cannabis program. After registration, they will mail you your card, allowing you to buy or grow marijuana legally at home.

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