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New York May Displace California as Cannabis Capital of the World

Last Updated: April 19th, 2022; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

New York May Displace California as Cannabis Capital of the World

Proposition 64 has passed the adult-use legalization framework of Medical Marijuana in California. In 2016 the voters passed a ballot measure with a large majority of 56% muffled indeed. Even after five years of medical cannabis legalization, much of California doesn’t have cannabis cultivation, dispensaries, manufacturing, or retails as the local people have banned the marijuana businesses.

It has been outspoken that the essentiality of revising California’s proposition 64 that legalized recreational cannabis use within the state, the framework had failed drastically, and the whole community was suffering due to it.

However, several stakeholders have tried their best to influence the autonomous legislators in Sacramento to revise Proposition 64, but all the efforts have gone in vain regardless of one-party rule. If there was a picture on how not to legalize medical Cannabis, it exactly looks like this state. Yes, as the state failed drastically even after putting efforts for consecutively three years.

The state has proven the inability to revise something on which everybody else agrees. Things have gone beyond exasperating, and this is the reason why several cannabis patients in California may support Governor Newsom’s recall unless he does something in their favor about it.

However, the consequent failure attained in the cannabis framework in California; the experts also suggested three ways to make it work fine including the legislative action, state-wide ballot initiative, and local revisions. Implementing the three is complicated indeed, but if done right can change the whole scenario.

And as we all can figure out, it is more of a political concern; now New York is coming into the picture. The New York activists have indeed learned a lot from the bitter lessons of California State, and that is why they were able to create an exciting yet useful framework that probably may be the best in the world.

Though, the Democratic Party leaders had a limited choice but to rally around an offended governor by transitory, the most progressive marijuana framework to date to protect the left flank, ensure that he remains in power, and divert the media from his professional issues. But it came out to be a brilliant page of activism that needs to be studied by everyone as we continue to legalize cannabis consumption.

Surprisingly what makes New York’s framework the best one is its innovativeness. The framework was innovative in awarding marijuana consumption licenses from day one that generally other states have not even shown the courage to embrace.

However, the awarding thing indeed does a little good to obtain the state’s consumption licenses. Cannabis licensing, often familiar as a Medical Marijuana Card, enables people to gather and enjoy cannabis consumption and speaks well about the cannabis tribes in New York. This also leads to deeper community engagement within New York.

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Is Weed Legal in New York

Is weed legal in New York?

Along with medicinal marijuana, recreational cannabis is also now legal in New York state. But do not get too excited about that!

After legalizing marijuana use in 2019, New York passed SB 854- A, namely the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act, in March 2021. This bill has decriminalized the possession, purchase, and transportation of up to 3 ounces of cannabis and up to 24 grams of concrete for patients 21 years or older.

The state has also established the Office of Cannabis Management to manage all the concerning matters, including the recreational, hemp, and even medical. This office also sets up the licensing guidelines for producers, growers, retailers, and even distributors.

Talking specifically about medical marijuana, it was legalized in 2014 under the Compassionate Care Act of New York state, which permitted the use, manufacturing, possession, transport, administration, and delivery of medical cannabis by eligible patients and designated caregivers.

However, it is always recommended to get a complete piece of information about the state laws.
Do not forget to stay updated with the new laws concerning medical marijuana use and its possession.

What does it conclude?

Therefore, it can be predicted that in the coming five years, New York will displace the California state and can become the cannabis capital of the world. You must be astonished to know that the legalization framework itself allows this disruption to take place as the California state continues to struggle to reform Proposition 64.

It has been seen a lot that even the t-shirt vendors are hawking “I heart NY weed.”
Cannabis has brought a massive change in overall treatment procedures. The treatment has drastically changed from smoking marijuana to sweet munchies for marijuana consumption, and the aroma of a difference is finally here!

Wondering how? You will get astonished to know that even the famous online retailer having a vast audience base has also liked marijuana legalization. In the formal statement, “Amazon officially supports the federal cannabis legalization and will indeed join the drug revision advocates in lobbying congress to pass the cannabis legalization proposals.

However, this support also raises a question towards Amazon: will amazon start delivering marijuana products, including flowers, cartridges, and edibles?

To this query, amazon reverted that amazon sells everything but seems unlikely to enter the weed game. However, the further confirmations are liable to the following statement from Amazon’s legal authorities only.

There are legal products that Amazon refuses to sell, so when it is about Cannabis that has got the conflict-ridden status, delivering it by age or prescription-only can be tricky and risky too. Amazon doesn’t deal in dangerous products like alcohol and cigarettes, so it also refuses to carry the THC and CBD products as well that are sold by the other merchants. THC and CBD are the two primary constituents of medical Cannabis.

So, the statement is still contradictory that even when amazon favors medical cannabis legalization, it is doing so to earn money. Being a foremost merchant of delivering numerous products online, amazon refuses only due to risk factors that require the appropriate recommendations and supports medical marijuana consumption and legalization due to its curative properties.


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