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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

April 17, 2024

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north dakota activists aim to legalise marijuana in november ballot

Activists in North Dakota are making a move to legalise marijuana in the state by putting the issue on the 2024 ballot. They’re presenting their plan as a “conservative” option compared to neighbouring states’ cannabis laws.

The group, New Economic Frontier, recently submitted their petition to the state, setting the stage for a potential signature collection effort. This comes two years after voters rejected a similar legislation proposal.

Here’s what the new rule includes:

  • Adults aged 21 and above would be allowed to have up to one ounce of marijuana flower, four grams of concentrate, and 300 milligrams of edibles. They could purchase these from a limited number of licensed dispensaries.
  • Individuals could also grow up to three plants for personal use in North Dakota, with a limit of six plants per household.
Regulation of the program would fall under the state Department of Health and Human Services. They would need to establish rules by October 1, 2025.

To get the proposal on the November ballot, advocates must gather at least 15,582 valid signatures from eligible North Dakota voters by July 8.

Mark Friese, a Fargo-based criminal defence attorney involved in the campaign, believes that criminalising cannabis has put a strain on law enforcement and the courts. He sees this proposal as a sensible and conservative approach that could help people benefit from medical marijuana in North Dakota.

The plan includes provisions to limit the number of licences for cannabis manufacturers and dispensaries. Currently, there are eight medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. The initiative also outlines separate application processes for existing medical cannabis businesses to transition into recreational operators.

Casey Neumann, CEO of medical cannabis companies Pure Dakota and Pure Dakota Health, points out the economic benefits of legalisation. He believes it will not only make access easier for medicinal purposes but also generate tax revenue for the state.

However, the proposal does not include some components favoured by equity advocates, such as expungements for past cannabis offences or prioritising licences for those affected by the drug war.

Steve Bakken, a Burleigh County commissioner and former mayor of Bismarck, chairs the sponsoring committee. He emphasises that the initiative is tailored to North Dakota’s needs, aiming for a conservative approach compared to neighbouring states.

north dakota activists aim to legalise marijuana in november ballot
This effort follows previous attempts at legislation in North Dakota. In 2021, a similar bill was defeated in the Senate after passing through the House. Activists have been working towards this goal for years, with various initiatives and ballot measures.

In 2016, North Dakota voters approved a medical cannabis ballot measure. Last year, a bill was signed allowing hospice care patients to self-certify for medical marijuana.

The initiative is now in the hands of North Dakota residents, who will have the opportunity to vote on the issue in November 2024.

The New Economic Frontier still wants to keep talking openly about it and they trust that people will look into the facts as well as decide wisely before making a decision.

Take Away

Activists in North Dakota want to legalise marijuana with a “conservative” plan. Adults could have limited amounts from specific stores. They need 15,582 signatures by July 8 for a November vote. Mark Friese thinks criminalising marijuana causes problems for police and courts. The plan lets medical cannabis stores sell to everyone. Casey Neumann believes it will help the economy. Steve Bakken leads the group, saying it’s right for North Dakota. People approved medical cannabis in 2016. Voters will decide on this plan in November 2024. This news is from the New Economic Frontier group, supporting marijuana legalisation in North Dakota.

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