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Garry Stewart
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January 9, 2024

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On 26 June 2018, Oklahoma voters approved State Question 788, legalizing the cultivation, use, and possession of medical marijuana. Since then, Oklahoma’s marijuana market has become one of the fastest-growing and most valuable in the nation. In a short period state issued 12,600 marijuana business licenses, including more than 8,600 growers, upwards of 2,300 dispensaries, and almost 10% of the state’s population is registered as medical marijuana patients. More than any other program in the U.S.

There are two faces of the coin. As you can see, almost 10% of people in Oklahoma are interested in medical marijuana cards. But the second face is the high number of people facing legal penalties for misusing medical marijuana. Almost three years of passing, the people of Oklahoma are still confused about the Oklahoma laws on using medical marijuana. The first and most important thing to remember is that only Medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma. Recreational cannabis is still illegal in Oklahoma. Let’s go through more rules and regulations on medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

Who Can Apply?

A patient must be 18 years or older and a legal resident of Oklahoma. Minor patients (under 18) can also apply but must first register their parents or legal guardians. Adult patients can choose whether they want a caregiver or not, whereas caregivers are compulsory for minor patients. Their patient or legal guardian can act as their caregiver. There is no caregiver application fee.

Possession Limit of Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma!

Rules are strict regarding the possession limit, and a person must follow them. If an individual possesses more than the mentioned limit set by federal law, they are likely to lose their medical marijuana rights and face legal penalties. Medical marijuana cardholders may possess up to eight ounces of marijuana in their private residence, three ounces on their person, one ounce of concentrated marijuana, and 72 ounces of edible marijuana. Private residence means the part of a structure used as a dwelling, including a private home, apartment, vacation home, cabin, mobile home, or cottage.

For cultivation, a person can grow up to six mature marijuana plants and six immature plants. A mature plant means a flowering marijuana plant and an immature means a plant that is not flowering. Remember, these are for medical marijuana patients. Recreational cannabis is illegal in Oklahoma. Those who do not possess a medical marijuana card and still possess cannabis face a fine-only misdemeanor. The fine and imprisonment may vary according to the situation and the possession limit.

Employment Rules of Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma

Employment Rules of Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma?

Employers cannot discipline, fire, or refuse to hire someone because they have an Oklahoma medical marijuana card unless they have safety-sensitive job duties. The Patient Protection Act defines “safety-sensitive” as any job that includes tasks or responsibilities that the company believes could affect the safety and health of the employee performing the task or others, including but not limited to:

  • The handling, packaging, processing, storage, disposal, or transport of hazardous materials
  • The operation of any vehicle, equipment, machinery, or power tools
    Performing firefighting, or medical-based jobs
  • The operation, or maintenance of critical services and infrastructure including, but not limited to, electric, gas, and water utilities, or power generation
  • Direct patient care or natural child care

Employers can refuse to hire an applicant for a safety-sensitive position if the applicant tests positive for marijuana in their pre-employment drug screen. That doesn’t mean the employer won’t hire a medical marijuana patient for a safety-sensitive position. When 5% of the state’s people are licensed to consume marijuana legally, many employers may hire patients for safety-sensitive positions and only take disciplinary action if there is a work-related accident or injury.

Where is it Safe to Consume?

There are some laws associated with the consumption of medical marijuana. Consumption of cannabis in public places is unacceptable and punishable by law. Moreover, consuming marijuana while driving or sitting in moving or a parked vehicle is also illegal. Driving under the influence of marijuana is offensive. So you can’t consume marijuana in public places, so where can you consume it according to the law? The best place to consume marijuana is your private residence or home. Home consumption does not require permission, and individuals can freely smoke medical cannabis inside their homes. Remember, one thing consumption in front of minors is illegal.

Bottom Line!

Medical marijuana comes with responsibilities and rules. So if you don’t want to lose your card, follow the directions carefully. Don’t forget My MMJ Doctor is here. You can contact us anytime if you need any consultation or have a query. Or want to know how to get a card Oklahoma medical marijuana card? Visit us now. We would love to help you.

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