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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

April 11, 2024

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from home cultivation to adult-use legalization

After experiencing one of the most incredible WrestleMania this week, where the American nightmare ended its story, Pennsylvania residents have one more reason to be excited. When Roman and Cody’s fans were both in tears, Pennsylvania legislators submitted a bill for marijuana legalization before a committee meeting scheduled for this week.

The main focus of the legalization is to allow medical marijuana patients in the state to access their dosage more conveniently. Till now, cultivating marijuana is illegal and a felony. However, the introduced bill permits cannabis patients to grow up to five cannabis plants for personal therapeutic use. However, adult-use consumers would not have the option for home cultivation. But the good news for them is the bill also mentioned to legalize the adult use of cannabis.

This bill comes just after the modifications in the Pennsylvania state’s medical marijuana program, which states that the government is really looking for weed legalization in Pennsylvania.

The House legislation was introduced on Tuesday. Rep. Amen Brown (D) is sponsoring it. Five cosponsors also signed on two days before meetings on legalizing marijuana. The members of the Health Subcommittee arranged the meeting. Moreover, the bill is identical to a bipartisan Senate cannabis legalization measure filed last year.

On Thursday, the panel will examine social equity issues related to legalization. The notable witnesses include:

  • The Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA)
  • The Parabola Center
  • The Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities
  • A Boston Cannabis Management Official
  • A Retired Judge
Last week, Rep. Amen Brown said in a co-sponsorship memo to colleagues that this new legislation “addresses safety by setting the minimum age for marijuana consumption i,e, 21. It also provides the appropriate deterrence to keep cannabis out of the hands of minors or anyone under 21, and our bill bans any marketing targeting children. ”

Further, Amen said, “Our neighboring states, New Jersey and New York, have implemented adult use. So, we must legalize marijuana and match their flow.”

from home cultivation to adult-use legalization

After mentioning patients with a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card can cultivate up to five plants, here are what other points the new legalization has mentioned. These points answer most of the residents’ common questions related to cannabis.

What are the provisions for purchasing and possessing cannabis under the proposed legislation?

After weed legalization in Pennsylvania, adults aged 21 and older can possess, purchase, and share as gifts up to 30 grams of marijuana.

What taxes will be imposed on marijuana products?

Cannabis products would be subject to an 8% sales tax. Additionally, retailers would need to pay a 5% excise tax on marijuana sales.

Where will the tax revenue from cannabis sales go?

Tax revenue would be allocated to a Cannabis Regulation Fund under the state treasury department. These funds would cover administrative costs and be distributed to municipalities, allowing cannabis businesses and the state general fund to be used for economic relief.

Will there be regulations on marketing and workplace use of cannabis?

Companies or sellers would not target children in their advertisements. This type of marketing will cost companies penalties.

What provisions are in place for individuals with prior cannabis convictions?

The police will work with the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts to identify the prior convictions of the individuals.

Who qualifies for social and economic equity business licenses?

Individuals without criminalization records who meet the income requirements would be eligible for social and economic equity business licenses.

How will public safety be addressed under the legislation?

The legislation gives law enforcement the authority to adjudicate impaired driving and eradicate the illicit market.

Will cannabis use affect gun rights under state law?

The bill provides state-level protections against losing gun rights over cannabis use despite federal prohibitions.

Can marijuana use affect child custody proceedings?

The possession or use of cannabis by parents or legal guardians cannot be used as the sole basis for adverse child custody actions.

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