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Garry Stewart
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April 11, 2023

Are Cannabis Concentrates For You

Cannabis Concentrates are the products made from a cannabis plant that have been processed to keep the desirable plant compounds while removing the other impurities and eradicating excess plant material. Cannabis concentrates have a more significant amount of terpenes and cannabinoids when compared to natural cannabis flowers. From cannabis oil cartridges to medicated muscle creams, you can discover Cannabis concentrates in hundreds of products.

Several people understand how a marijuana joint or edible gummies work, but, its consumption is still a point of confusion for most people. Many questions arise in mind before deciding on this, undoubtedly due to the less awareness of consumption methods and the content levels. Cannabis concentrates can be a little intimidating, but by checking on the various styles, after effects, and forms of consumption, you will be able to decide which one is right for you. Well, to get familiar with this, you don’t need to search over the internet as we have compiled everything you need to know about it. Let us dig into the topic to have the appropriate knowledge of it.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates:

Like several ways of extracting Cannabis, consumption of Cannabis, Cannabis concentrates are also of several types and their methods of ingestion. Each one has its unique qualities and potency levels. Based on the cannabis concentrate textures, these are divide into two broad spectrums.

Solvent-based Cannabis Concentrates

Solvent-based cannabis concentrates are extracted in large quantities that require lots of flowers to convert them into a substantial amount of these consistencies. Let us take a closer look at the solvent-based Cannabis concentrates:
solvent based cannabis concentrates

Live Resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that utilizes a frozen plant material to maintain its cannabinoid profile. The extraction process of Live Resin allows the terpenes to be preserved very identically to a live plant. It is a glossy or shiny matter whose color typically ranges between amber and golden hues. It has gained popularity due to its strong aroma and flavors from high levels of preserved terpenes that are usually lower in other extraction processes.


The oil concentrates are liquid and thick. The oil concentrates are commonly produced with a different pressurized chemical solvent. The chemical solvents that are widely used include CO2, butane, and propane. Depending on the chemical solvent, the oil concentrate is named. For instance, the oil concentrate using CO[at] is known as CO2 Oil. The oil concentrate using butane and propane as a pressurized chemical solvent is known as Butane hash oil or hydrocarbon extract. Another form of oil concentrate is distillate oil, commonly referred to as a crude extract, which means maintaining a high level of terpenes through the process. The patients must choose Oil Concentrates based on the recommendation required to treat the debilitating health condition.


Shatter is a murky and sometimes amber-colored concentrate generated through BHO hydrocarbon extraction. It looks a lot like a glass shattering into several pieces. It is a sticky and hard candy-like substance that is considered the purest form of Cannabis concentrates.


Wax concentrate is gooier and softer in texture that is very sticky to the touch. It is a yellow and gold texture concentrate that frequently requires a dabbing tool because of its stickiness, and a patient can use it in vape or rig.

Cannabis concentrate can be consumed in several ways. Many people use small amounts of Cannabis concentrates in cooking while some use vaping as an efficient method for consumption.

Solventless Cannabis Concentrates

Solventless Cannabis concentrates generate with different levels of heat, pressure, or filtration. And of course, these forms do not use solvent chemicals. Let us take a closer look at these:
Solvent cannabis concentrates


Budder is popularly known as “Cake Batter” due to its similarities. It is formed by manipulating rosin and adding a small amount of heat to get a better texture. Its creamier consistency is considered a more comfortable texture for dabbing purposes.


Rosin is formed through heat and pressure to the cannabis flower or just to the buds. It has a thick syrup-like texture with a deep yellow color. It is made with a hydraulic press that keeps a lot of plant terpenes and aromas.

How can Cannabis concentrates be consumed?

Cannabis concentrate can be consumed in several ways. Many people use small amounts of Cannabis concentrates in cooking while some use vaping as an efficient method for consumption. Some consumers may also prefer dabbing. Dabbing involves vaporizing the concentrates on a hot surface like ceramic and inhaling them using a specialized pipe. However, this method is a bit controversial but is well-known to be an efficient way to obtain a deep and lasting high.

Pros: Why you should think about Cannabis Concentrates?

Potency and Efficiency

Majorly, patients can consume Cannabis concentrates faster than smoking. Depending on the patients, cannabis concentrates may be comparable in potency to users’ preferred strains, but Cannabis concentrates enable an efficient high.

Better Flavor

During the beginning of concentrates, flavor loss was predictable during extraction, but as the process is changed now, the makers can recapture the flavor of Cannabis concentrates.

Acts of Discretion

The marijuana smoke has a lingering odor and the smell can last for 2-5 days, but with no resin, the scent doesn’t cling to hair, fabric, or skin.

Cons: Why stay away from cannabis concentrates?


The cost of cannabis concentrates can be more expensive than traditional marijuana.

Tolerance may vary

Consumption of cannabis concentrates may change your tolerance levels. It may be concluded that it will take more and more to obtain a desired high over time.

Potentially hazardous side effects

As Cannabis concentrates range around 40 to 50 percent of THC content and some concentrates are known to have around 95 percent. It can undoubtedly exacerbate the side effects of THC like anxiety, panic attacks, or hallucinations. Patients may experience some uneasiness or any other issue.

Lower Quality Standards

The quality standards with cannabis concentrates are much lower than the other marijuana products. So, it is essential to seek quality cannabis concentrates from trusted sources only.

Final Words

With the information mentioned above, we hope you got an idea of Cannabis concentrates and whether to choose one or not by considering its pros and cons. Moving forward to the further process of gaining access to Cannabis Concentrates, make sure you select the recommended form by a medical doctor only. Also, it is necessary to acquire the legal rights to have access to marijuana concentrates. A patient must obtain a medical marijuana card to have legitimate possession and consumption of Cannabis. Apply for a medical marijuana card with My MMJ Doctor and stay protected from getting into legal issues. Receive your legal right at your doorstep and get the pleasure to deserve to feel.

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