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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

April 11, 2023

Selecting the right medical marijuana strain for you

Whenever you walk into any dispensary, you will encounter many medications for almost every health issue. If you are suffering from fever, you will look for paracetamol or some other medicines with such salt used the same; if you are suffering from a cough, you will look out for cough syrup, and that is how the same thing goes with Marijuana. Selecting medical cannabis to relieve the medical symptoms associated with some debilitating health conditions can be difficult as Marijuana doesn’t work on “one size fits all.”

Medical cannabis products are derived from the Marijuana plant comprising 100 components useful for a health condition in one or some other way. Three different marijuana species have different characteristics and produce diverse effects when consumed. Even within these three species, varieties of Marijuana are grown in various climates encompassing other factors and chemical compositions. Therefore the diverse range of medical cannabis products, including Cannabis flowers, CBD oil, and many more, could bring relief from debilitating health conditions. But if the product does not contain an accurate mix of exact proportions of cannabinoids, then the marijuana products may not be effective.

Just like you make the accurate purchase for your particular health condition, the same way it is essential to choose the right marijuana strain for alleviating your debilitating condition. Everybody wants to make smart purchases and choose authentic products that work effectively.

Let us take a closer look at the factors that help in selecting the right strains for you.

What makes a Medical Cannabis strain unique?

There are a few elements to check on that make a strain profile unique. The primary components include:

  • Cannabinoid Content: A Cannabis plant comprises a host of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the chemical components that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to create various effects. A strain’s cannabinoid content can be a differentiating characteristic. For instance, marijuana strains with high CBD and low THC content can be more relaxing and don’t produce an intense high, whereas the strain with high THC and low CBD is more intoxicating.
  • Terpene Content: Terpenes are the molecules in the marijuana plant that support cannabinoids and other cannabis molecules in generating the effects in both minds and the body and are also responsible for producing the flavor and aroma. A Cannabis plant produces around 200 terpenes, and every individual strain will have a different concentration and terpene profiles.
  • Environmental Variables: Environmental variables are the primary concerns during the cultivation of cannabis. The ecological variables include soil nutrients, climatic changes, and many more that affect the cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The same marijuana plant grown in dissimilar environments can produce different strains.

“There are more than 100 identified terpene profiles in Medical Cannabis, some are the most common profiles compared to others.”

Selecting The Right Medical Marijuana Strain For You

While deciding on the right Medical Cannabis strain, it is essential to take expert advice and consider a few criteria.

Flavor and Aroma: A marijuana strains terpene profile is responsible for producing intense and subtle aromas and flavors. You can opt for a marijuana strain that endows with the flavor and aroma that you find appealing.

Desired effects: Everybody’s body reacts differently to cannabis consumption, and there is no assurance that the particular strain will produce the same results in different people. You can choose the cannabis strains with a terpene profile and cannabinoid content likely to have the desired effects. For that, it is recommended to select the cannabis strains and content profile as doctors recommend.

Potency: Depending on the cannabinoids concentration, a few strains are more potent to treat a debilitating health condition. The level of potency can help you with deciding on the marijuana strain that is good for you.

Growing Method: Some people usually have a preference over the cannabis grown indoors or outdoors. If you are one of them, then this can also be a deciding factor for you.

Potential Medical Benefits: Based on the Medical Cannabis strain’s terpene profile and cannabinoid ratio, you will encounter various products. If you consider the consumption of Medical Marijuana to treat your debilitating condition, you must consult a medical professional and then choose the right strain.

Choose the right strains for you

Choose the right strains for you!

When considering a Medical Cannabis strain, there is no approach like one fits. There might be a situation when the effective strain on someone else can be a flat option for you. But based on the above-mentioned determining factors, you can choose the best one for you. While there are more than 100 identified terpene profiles in Medical Cannabis, some are the most common profiles compared to others. Let us check on some popular variants and their effects.

  • Bisabolol: Bisabolol terpene has a floral and black pepper aroma adhering to antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Caryophyllene: Caryophyllene terpene has a peppery and spicy aroma adhering to anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and pain relief properties.
  • Limonene: Limonene terpene has a citrus aroma adhering to stress relief and anti-anxiety properties.
  • Humulene: Humulene terpene has an earthy and woodsy aroma adhering to anti-inflammatory, pain relief, appetite suppressant, and antibacterial properties.
  • Linalool: Linalool terpene has a citrus and floral aroma adhering to relaxing and pain relief properties.
  • Pinene: Pinene terpene has a Pine aroma adhering to inflammatory properties. Pinene terpene profile is also effective against the short-term memory effects of THC.
  • Terpinolene: Terpinolene terpene has a fruity aroma adhering to antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Myrcene: Myrcene terpene has an earthy aroma adhering to muscle relaxant and sedative properties.
  • Ocimene: Ocimene terpene has a sweet aroma adhering to anti-inflammatory properties.

Types of Medical Cannabis Products

Medical Cannabis products are available in diverse forms. A patient need not choose the smoking of cannabis only. There are several other forms that a patient can opt for. It includes:

  • Topical: Topicals are the medical cannabis products available in ointments and lotions form, which doesn’t make you high. It is considered ideal for the localized pain such as muscle pain or arthritis.
  • Flower: A patient can smoke Cannabis flowers in a bong, a pipe, or a cigarette form that produces instant results.
  • Vape: Vaporizers are a sensible choice for inhaling vapors. Vapes are an excellent choice for providing instant relief, and you don’t even need to hold it in your lungs just like you do it while smoking.
  • Tincture: Tinctures are liquid formulas that are usually taken in drop form. Tinctures have a mild taste.

    Final Thoughts

    While choosing a Medical Cannabis strain, a patient needs to select the correct marijuana strain to leave a positive effect. So, it is highly recommended to choose the cannabis strain as recommended by the Medical doctor only. Undoubtedly the above blog has revealed the importance of selecting the right medical cannabis strain and checking its purity and correct form. So, with this informative guide and doctor’s recommendation, you can treat your debilitating health condition with the help of a natural remedy. So no more confusion on the Marijuana strains, and choose what is right for you. Due to Marijuana’s controversial status, it is essential to access it with legal permissions only. You need a Medical Marijuana Card to have legitimate access to Medical Cannabis products. If you are searching for a reliable service provider online to access Medical Cannabis, then My MMJ Doctor can be a trustworthy stop for you. Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card with My MMJ Doctor and leave your worries to us. We have a proficient team to handle it all.

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  1. Jeff Marshall

    Are there any cannabis strains that help with social anxiety?

    • Lousie Resuion

      Almost all the strains can help a person with social anxiety. Just remember to use it in small doses to make it effective. Some strains might even increase anxiety if taken in huge doses. For more information and a medical marijuana card visit My MMJ Doctor. Our expert doctors will be happy to help you.


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