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How To Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy Online In California?

Starting testosterone therapy is quick and easy with My MMJ Doctor. We get you examined, and schedule an online appointment with a licensed doctor in California to get you started with your TRT.


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Our team will schedule an appointment for your health examination through different options in lab testing.


You can then get in touch with a state-licensed health professional with whom you can discuss your medical condition and lab results to get a recommendation and a customized plan for TRT.


The suggested medication for TRT will be delivered quickly to your address so that you can begin with your therapy.

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What is Testosterone Therapy?

Men with low testosterone levels can be treated through Testosterone Therapy to balance their hormone levels to normal. Many variations of this therapy have been produced due to the presence of low testosterone in men. Injecting the hormones is the usual way of stabilizing the hormone levels to lessen the undesirable symptoms. There are other methods too that are used for testosterone therapy.

Testosterone plays an important part in man’s muscle mass, bones, facial hair, sex drive, mood, brain memory, etc. Due to this huge involvement in different areas, it becomes even more important to find a solution to low testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement therapy provides the exact treatment needed for low testosterone. Testosterone is administered in a few different ways:

  • Injections
    Injecting testosterone directly into the muscles is the most common way of testosterone therapy. It is highly effective as it is directly injected and requires less regular intake like once a week. But it requires expertise as the sharp needles are involved.
  • Gel
    Applying a gel containing testosterone to certain body parts is another way of testosterone therapy. Applying gel is quite easy and no pain is involved. But it is considered less useful as it can rub off before having its impact.
  • Skin Patch
    A skin patch containing testosterone medication can be worn on the arm or other parts of the upper body. It is also easy to apply but can cause irritation to the skin or have other side effects.
  • Mouth Patch
    A mouth patch is in the form of a tablet. It can be clung to the upper gums for effectiveness. It may create some discomfort inside the mouth or have some other side effects.
  • Supplements
    Testosterone medication is also available in the form of pills. But it is believed that the pills can be harmful to the liver. So, other methods are preferred more which do not involve the liver.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

  • Performance and Power are Enhanced
    A huge increase in energy is reported by the person during the initial months.

  • Muscle Growth and Size are Lean
    Muscle fiber hypertrophy occurs because of TRT which results in an increase in the muscle volume.

  • Waist Size and Weight Decrease
    Body mass index in men lowers along with weight and waist size due to the therapy.

  • Mental Awareness and Focus Improve
    After therapy, executive function and cognition are improved in men having low testosterone.

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

Fatigue icon


Low testosterone results in the depletion of energy. People often feel that even after a good sleep they are not able to get up easily as they still feel tired. There are chances in this case that the person is suffering from a hormonal imbalance. It can be helpful in managing the imbalance and increasing the energy level.

Anxiety icon

Irritation or Anxiety

Mood swings are another common symptom of low testosterone. Emotional changes like anxiety, depression, irritation, etc occur due to an imbalance of hormones. Also, fatigue caused because of low testosterone further pushes these mental problems.

Hair loss icon

Hair Loss

Losing hair is common for aged men. But some men face balding at an earlier age or some sudden balding which can be due to a hormonal imbalance. Many men have been observed to recover from hair loss through testosterone therapy.


Why Choose Testosterone?

Improved Libido

As a reaction to sexual arousal and activity, testosterone levels innately increase. More sexual activity is present in men with higher testosterone levels. Research suggests that sexual health and performance can be highly aided by testosterone replacement therapy.

Stronger Bones

Bone mineral density is hugely impacted by testosterone levels. An increase in age and a decrease in testosterone levels reduce bone mineral density. This may increase the risk of osteoporosis, a medical condition in which the bones of the person weaken. Only a person with strong bones can be highly active as bones provide support to the muscles and the organs as well.

More Muscles

A rise in muscle mass can only occur because of testosterone. As the energy increases, the lean muscle mass helps in controlling the weight. A study suggests that men who had low testosterone levels after the therapy, noticed an increase in both muscle strength and mass while the fat mass decreased.

Increased Memory

Men with good testosterone levels have reportedly been sharper in memory than others. Not only memory but storing and responding to information is also faster with increased testosterone. There is some proof that suggests that there is a strong connection between testosterone and thinking abilities. Spatial memory increases for men in their old ages if the testosterone level boosts up.

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“Testosterone Therapy” And Steroids

Testosterone therapy is very different from anabolic steroids. The difference is in the quantity of testosterone used and the primary goal.

The dosage of testosterone in a testosterone therapy is very low compared to the quantity present in anabolic steroids. The main goal of a TRT is to reduce the symptoms and deficiency of low testosterone whereas anabolic steroids focus on achieving bodybuilding-related physical requirements.

A few anabolic steroids should be totally avoided which contain supplemental ingredients that may harm the liver and kidneys.

How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Work?

TRT works by bringing the testosterone levels to a required level. Once the required level is reached, the symptoms of low testosterone or health conditions related to low testosterone start to vanish.

The person is able to feel the effect as he becomes more active along with other physical and mental improvements.

Is It Addictive?

There is no evidence that suggests TRT is addictive but it has been declared a controlled substance. People who use anabolic steroids are more prone to become addicted to the substance.

Testosterone therapy on the other hand is just a treatment provided under medical supervision. It would only suffice the requirement of the medical condition to reduce the symptoms of low testosterone and provide a healthy experience to the patient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do Doctors Prescribe Testosterone?

Yes. Only a licensed doctor should prescribe testosterone therapy if the patient is diagnosed with a medical condition that requires TRT. A doctor’s consultation is also important for the factor that the TRT may help in reducing the symptoms of low testosterone but it may not treat the underlying issue. This may also result in lowering testosterone levels again in the future.

What Are The Side Effects Of TRT?

Some of the side effects are common like changes in skin texture and acne. Any side effects including these two should be reported to the doctor immediately to avoid any further risks. The doctor may change the dosage or make other changes in the testosterone therapy treatment as required by the situation.

How To Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy In California?

You can easily get online TRT in California with My MMJ Doctor. Just get in touch with us by filling out a simple application form. After that, you just need to schedule an appointment for lab tests. Once the test results are ready, you will have an online appointment with a state-licensed doctor who will prescribe TRT as per your medical condition and the lab results. The TRT medicine will be delivered to you as prescribed and you can begin your therapy immediately after that.

How Much Time Does TRT Take?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for TRT to be successfully completed depending upon the medical condition. Some people may notice a reduction of symptoms in a few weeks but some severe symptoms could take up to a few months to reduce.

How Should TRT Medication Be Stored?

All medicines come with different instructions for their storage. Most TRT medication can be stored at room temperature and doesn’t require refrigeration. It also needs to be kept away from the light. You can read the storage instructions on the packaging or inside it for more precise information.

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