Top 7 Cannabis-Friendly Cities in the United States

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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

April 24, 2024

top 7 cannabis-friendly cities in the united states

Cannabis laws vary across states, leading to different types of unique markets in each location. While some areas have many dispensaries, others have more restricted access. Given this diversity, many may question which cities offer the best experiences for cannabis enthusiasts .Learn the top 7 highly ranked weed-friendly cities in the U.S. tailored by Real Estate Witch. Find out about seven places where people love weed, it’s easy to find, and not too expensive, even though the rules are different in each state.

Here are the Top 7 Marijuana friendly Cities in the United States
top 7 cannabis-friendly cities in the united states

1. Denver, Colorado:

Denver, once again the top weed city, has regained its title after surpassing Portland, the previous leader in 2023. Since recreational weed became legal, Denver has become a major hub for hash, not only in Colorado but also across the country.

Getting marijuana in the Mile High City is easy, with many dispensaries selling popular local strains like Charlotte’s Web. Denver has the third-highest number of dispensaries per person, and there are also plenty of head shops around.

Moreover, weed prices in Denver are quite competitive, with an ounce of high-quality marijuana priced at just $242, compared to the national average of $318. Despite the low prices, Denver maintains high standards for quality, as shown by the excellent ratings of its dispensaries.

2. Portland, Oregon:

Portland, the city ranking second in our list. Here, you’ll find some of the lowest weed prices in the country, with high-quality marijuana costing just $213 per ounce, about 33% less than the national average.

While Portland slipped to the second spot this year after holding the top position in 2023, its cannabis culture remains vibrant.

Portland is renowned for its culinary scene, complemented by cannabis-infused gourmet edibles readily available at its many dispensaries. With the second-highest number of retailers per capita, Portland provides opportunities for cannabis enthusiasts. However, it has fewer head shops compared to Denver, likely contributing to its drop in ranking.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada:

For cannabis lovers, Las Vegas is like hitting the jackpot. There are 3.1 marijuana stores for every 100,000 residents, which is more than in most cities. Not only that, but there are also plenty of places to buy smoking accessories, with 3.1 head shops for every 100,000 people.

Las Vegas residents are really interested in weed too. They search for information about it online 31% more often than people in other cities. Recently, the first state-licensed place to smoke weed opened, and more are expected to open in 2024.

Even though you can’t smoke weed in public outside of these places, Las Vegas still has lots to offer for people who enjoy cannabis.

4. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo residents really love cannabis. Even though New York’s recreational marijuana program hasn’t started smoothly, Buffalo continues to thrive as one of the top weed cities in both the U.S. and the state.

Buffalo has fewer cannabis stores per person compared to New York City, but the ones it does have are highly rated.

Buffalo also beats other Cities in New York when it comes to the price of weed. An ounce of high-quality weed is cheaper in Buffalo, costing $318 compared to $380 in New York City.

top 7 cannabis-friendly cities in the united states

5. Baltimore, Maryland:

Baltimore is great for cannabis care. It has lots of doctors who prescribe cannabis—almost 14 for every 100,000 people. Even though weed just became legal, Baltimore is already known as one of the top weed cities in the U.S.

People are really excited about it, as shown by their high interest in weed-related topics like getting medical marijuana cards. But Baltimore doesn’t have many dispensaries, only about 1.8 for every 100,000 residents. Weed prices are a bit higher here, but people still spend a lot on it—over $700 million since it became legal.

6. Phoenix, Arizona:

People in Phoenix are really curious about cannabis. Phoenix is the most passionate city about weed in the U.S. And the weed in Phoenix is top-notch. Stores there have great ratings and the prices are lower than the national average.

Phoenix is a great place for people who enjoy weed, whether they live there or are just visiting. There are lots of hiking trails and even a kitchen that makes food with cannabis in it.

7. Seattle, Washington:

Getting marijuana in Seattle, known as the Emerald City, is easy. There are 3.1 marijuana shops for every 100,000 people, which is more than in most cities.

Even ten years after Seattle started selling recreational weed, there are still lots of places to buy it. In Seattle, you can find many different types of weed, like Charlotte’s Web and Jack Herer, at various prices. Medium-quality weed costs $201, and high-quality weed costs $248. That’s cheaper than in many other places.

In fact, Seattle is one of the most affordable cities to buy medium- and high-quality weed when you consider how much people make.

Take Away

Weed is becoming legal in more places in the U.S. Each city has its own way of enjoying it. Some cities have lots of places to buy weed, while others have fewer. Checking out these top weed-friendly cities lets you see the different ways people enjoy cannabis across the country.

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