Tyson 2.0 Teams Up With Carma Holdco Inc. And PHCANN International

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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

April 18, 2024

tyson 2.0 teams up with carma holdco inc. and phcann international

TYSON 2.0, the renowned cannabis brand founded by boxing legend Mike Tyson, has joined forces with Carma HoldCo Inc and PHCANN International to introduce its premium THC products to Germany and the United Kingdom (UK). This exclusive partnership aims to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute TYSON 2.0 branded cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, and consumables, across these European markets.

What is TYSON 2.0 and Who are Carma HoldCo Inc. as well as PHCANN?

TYSON 2.0, launched in 2021, is committed to delivering high-quality cannabis products and expanding globally. Whereas Carma HoldCo Inc., a global brand company, specializes in redefining industries through cultural influence. PHCANN International focuses on providing high-quality cannabinoid-based products to patients and consumers worldwide, adhering to strict standards.

What does the Collaboration States?

The collaboration announcement prepares the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Berlin on April 16 to 17, which representatives from the companies will attend.

Mike Tyson, TYSON 2.0’s Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Collaborating with PHCANN to bring my premium TYSON 2.0 cannabis products to Germany and the UK is a natural move as industry heavyweights. I’m excited to make our world-class medical marijuana products available to patients in the region.”

tyson 2.0 teams up with carma holdco inc. and phcann international
PHCANN International, a leading multinational pharmaceutical company, sees this partnership as a significant step forward in the European cannabis market. “We chose to partner with Carma HoldCo, a global brand powerhouse, for their excellence in leveraging cultural influence to redefine industries,” commented PHCANN International Co-Founder Yuval Soiref. “TYSON 2.0’s extensive selection of acclaimed cannabis products will be available to German and UK patients this summer – on track to make it one of the largest cannabis brands in the world.”

Sasho Stefanoski, CEO of PHCANN International, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in advancing the industry in Europe, stating, “This is a crucial moment for the European cannabis industry. We’re excited about this opportunity as many countries are considering changing regulations. By teaming up with TYSON 2.0 and other respected leaders in the industry, we’re in a strong position to increase new developments and push the industry forward.”

Adam Wilks, CEO of Carma HoldCo, highlighted the venture’s significance in expanding global presence and delivering quality products to consumers worldwide. “With the TYSON 2.0 brand, we are excited to partner with PHCANN because of its track record of pushing the boundaries in European and other international markets and operating at a level above the current standard,” said Adam Wilks.

Take Away

The partnership between TYSON 2.0, Carma HoldCo Inc., and PHCANN International is a big step for the European cannabis market. Together, they’re bringing high-quality THC products to Germany and the UK. This collaboration shows their commitment to top-notch cannabis and meeting the changing demands of consumers worldwide.

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