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How To Get a Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate) Prescription in California?

Getting a recommendation for Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate) in California is now easier than ever. You can have your Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate) prescription from a licensed healthcare professional within a day.


Fill out an online form with details about yourself and your medical condition. Submit the form to book an appointment with a licensed doctor.


A licensed doctor will contact you for an appointment to evaluate your health condition. The doctor will give approval for Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate) medication if you are eligible.


You will receive the recommendation by email after the approval. The Vistaril recommendation can be downloaded from email and used to buy the medicine.

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What is Vistaril? (Hydroxyzine Pamoate)

Vistaril having the generic name Hydroxyzine Pamoate is a first generation antihistamine. It belongs to Antiemetic Agents, which is a category of medicines. The main reasons hydroxyzine is given are to reduce nausea and itching. Because of its sedative qualities, it’s also good for easing tension, anxiety, and minor sleep difficulties. Hydroxyzine is more commonly used to relieve anxiety, nausea, and itching than to treat allergic rhinitis or coryza symptoms.

What are the Uses of Vistaril (Hydroxyzine Pamoate)?



Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate) is prescripted to the patient person suffers from stress.
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Doctors use Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate) in sedating the patients before surgery so that patients doesn’t feels the pain before and after the surgery.
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During an allergic reaction the human body releases a natural substance named histamine. Being an Antihistamine, Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate) blocks Histamine and this helps treat allergies like itching and hives.
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Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate) offers temporary relief for anxiety stemming from emotional and nervous issues. This is due to the medication’s calming properties, which induce relaxation in the individual.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Vistaril (Hydroxyzine Pamoate)?

Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate), with its distinct features, has many benefits.

It is an affordable alternative to many expensive medicines.

The medicine comes in different forms along with different strengths.
Patients of every age can easily tolerate Vistaril under supervision.
It isn’t necessary to take Hydroxyzine before or after food. It can be taken as required by the patient.
As it is used for various treatments, it may treat additional symptoms along with the primary ailment for which it has been prescribed to the patient.
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The Atarax and “Vistaril”

Atarax and Vistaril are two different salt forms of Hydroxyzine. Atarax is Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride or HCl and Vistaril is Hydroxyzine Pamoate.

There is a myth among people that Atarix treats itching, and Vistaril is an anxiety treatment medication. But the only difference between the two is cost and dosage.

Atarax is a little costlier than Vistaril. So, Vistaril is chosen more than Atarax medication for treatments.

Why Choose Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate) For Anxiety?

According to studies and healthcare professionals hydroxyzine affects two key chemicals in the body: histamine and serotonin.

Histamine: Hydroxyzine blocks the effects of histamine, just as other antihistamines do. One chemical in the body that contributes to allergic reactions is histamine. Hydroxyzine lessens allergy-related symptoms including itching by inhibiting histamine. But as a side effect, this histamine blockade might also make you tired. This drowsiness is comparable to what you may feel after antihistamine drugs just like cough syrup.

Serotonin: Hydroxyzine’s effects on serotonin may be linked to its effects on anxiety. In the brain, serotonin is a neurotransmitter, a chemical messenger that controls mood. In contrast to a lot of other antihistamines, hydroxyzine might be able to raise serotonin levels in the brain. This contributes to its anxiety reducing effect.

Is Vistaril (Hydroxyzine pamoate) Addictive?

Hydroxyzine pamoate is not classified as a controlled substance, it is considered non-addictive. This quality makes it a preferable option to benzodiazepines for anxiety treatment, as it does not pose a risk of dependence. Additionally, it serves as an alternative to medications like Ambien or Lunesta, which are used for insomnia but carry a risk of addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does Hydroxyzine Work?

Histamine 1 receptors in the brain are blocked by Hydroxyzine as it is an antihistamine. Hydroxyzine produces a calming effect on our body, making us feel sleepy sometimes. After taking medicine, the patient can experience tiredness due to histamine blockage. Other neurotransmitters also have some minor effects because of Hydroxyzine.

What Are Vistaril Hydroxyzine Side Effects?

Hydroxyzine might cause the following side effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Skin Rash
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion

If the patient feels any discomfort, the doctor should be consulted immediately.

How Can You Get A Vistaril (Hydroxyzine) Prescription Online In California?

You can get a prescription for Hydroxyzine online in California through My MMJ Doctor in just 24 hours. All you have to do is fill out an evaluation form online. A licensed doctor in the state will review your health in a virtual appointment. If you’re approved, you’ll receive your Vistaril prescription via email. This prescription can then be used to buy the medicine in California and begin your treatment.

What Can You Not Take With Vistaril (Hydroxyzine)?

Hydroxyzine can create a problem if taken with some other medications. Be sure to mention any other medicines you are taking at the time of consultation to avoid any serious problems that can arise due to a combination of medicines.

How Long Does Vistaril (Hydroxyzine) Stay In Your System?

One dose of Hydroxyzine can stay in your body anywhere from 1 to 4 days. The effects of the medicine may go away in just a few hours.

How To Store Vistaril (Hydroxyzine)?

The medicine should be stored in a container at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and sunlight. It should be kept away from the reach of young ones. The medicine can be poisonous to children, so it should be made sure that the containers aren’t easily accessible by the children.

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