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Garry Stewart
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April 13, 2023

What USA States Accept Out-of-State Medical Marijuana Cards?

Medical marijuana is legal in an overwhelming 37 states and Washington DC, which means more and more Americans carry around medical marijuana cards when they travel. A key aspect of travelling within the united states as medical marijuana patient is knowing which states accept out-of-state marijuana cards and which do not.

If you are travelling within the U.S. as a licensed medical marijuana patient, do not fret, some states allow you to continue accessing your marijuana dosages. You must check the state reciprocity law in the state where you are going to visit so that you can be vacation-ready and enjoy your vacation without any legal penalties.

As every state has their medical marijuana law, we’ve prepared a guide to clear your doubts about medical marijuana reciprocity in the United States.

What Is Medical Marijuana Reciprocity?

Medical marijuana reciprocity means one state will recognize and accept a medical cannabis card issued in another state. For instance, if you get a medical card in Arizona and travel to a state that practices medical marijuana reciprocity, you would likely be able to possess and purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary there.

Several states offer reciprocity. In medical marijuana reciprocity states, if you happen to be stopped for Possession, showing your medical marijuana card will allow you to avoid punishment. Still, you have to follow visiting state medical marijuana laws.

States That Accept The Out-of-State MMJ Card

States List That Accept The Out of State MMJ Card


A state with some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country, but you can enjoy your medicine while in the state, but if you run out, you’re out of luck. If you obtained marijuana from the state your card was issued, you are free to possess and use it in Arizona without penalty. Qualified non-residents patient can possess or consume up to one ounce of usable marijuana.


If you’re visiting Arkansas, you must apply as the visiting patient for medical marijuana and must hold an MMJ card or equivalent from your home state. Visitors can possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis or marijuana every two weeks after paying an application fee of $50.


Alaska does not recognize out of state medical marijuana card. However, Visitors 21 and older with a valid I.D. can purchase up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes.


The law allows non-residents 21 or older with valid government-issued identification to purchase marijuana for recreational or medical use. The possession limits are one ounce of cannabis flower or five grams of cannabis concentrate.


Colorado does not allow out-of-state patients to purchase medical marijuana from their dispensaries, but they can make purchases as recreational customers. Non-residents 21 or older may possess up to one ounce but cannot purchase more than ¼ ounce at a time.


Hawaii accepts out-of-state medical marijuana cards as long as the patient’s medical condition is on Hawaii’s list of qualifying conditions. Patients must apply for a temporary card valid for up to 60 days and have a qualifying condition defined by this list.


Out-of-state patients with valid medical marijuana from their home states can use medical CBD but aren’t allowed to purchase from an Iowa dispensary.


Medical marijuana patients from other states can continue their medical marijuana treatment in Louisiana. Patients must show their state-issued registry I.D. card or its equivalent.


Maine allows out-of-state patients with a valid medical marijuana card or state I.D. from their home state to continue their medical marijuana treatment. In Maine, adults 21 years old or over can possess and use marijuana. They can possess up to 2.5 ounces or 70 grams of cannabis flower and 5 grams of concentrates.


Massachusetts does not allow reciprocity for medical marijuana, but adults 21 and older are legally allowed to use cannabis whether they are residents or not. The possession limits are one ounce of cannabis flower and 5 grams of cannabis concentrate with valid government-issued identification.


Certified marijuana patients with out of state medical marijuana card may purchase medical cannabis. However, Adults 21 years old or over can possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis flower or 15 grams of concentrates.


Montana has reciprocity with other states, enabling the out-of-state patient to possess and use marijuana when visiting. Meanwhile, no Montana border state has authorized medicinal marijuana, making it unlawful to carry it into the state. As recreational cannabis is legal, ages 21 and above may possess and consume up to one ounce of marijuana.

New Hampshire

While out-of-state marijuana patients cannot purchase marijuana from their weed dispensaries, they can legally possess up to 2 ounces or 56 grams of marijuana. They will not be able to visit a dispensary to get more if they run out.

New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the states with medical marijuana reciprocity. New jersey also allows the recreational use of marijuana. Those aged 21 or over with valid I.D.s can purchase cannabis.


Weed dispensaries in Nevada can sell to non-residents with medical marijuana cards from their home state. They can possess up to 2.5 ounces of edibles, flowers, concentrates, or topicals per 14-day period.


Oklahoma does offer out-of-state visitors temporary reciprocity. Temporary license grants the same rights as an adult license — to buy, possess and cultivate marijuana. The application fee for temporary licenses is $100, valid for 30 days, and licenses are renewable.


Oregon does not offer reciprocity for out-of-state medical marijuana patients. However, non-residents aged 21 and older can purchase cannabis from weed dispensaries. They can have up to one ounce of flower or five grams of concentrate.

Puerto Rico

Although not technically a state, if you are medical marijuana patient and planning to visit Puerto Rico, you can continue your marijuana treatment here. Puerto Rico allows reciprocity with a state-licensed medical marijuana card. Upon arrival, you must register at a local weed dispensary and show your medical marijuana card.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island allows visitors to continue their medical marijuana treatment, but they must bring their medical marijuana card with a government-issued I.D. card. Visitors patients are also entitled to possess the same amount of medical marijuana as in-state patients, i.e. they can have up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis.


All adults at least 21 years old can purchase marijuana at retail sites across the state. Like Oregon, anyone over 21 may possess up to one ounce of flower, 16 ounces of edibles, or seven ounces of concentrates.

States Without MMJ Reciprocity

These states legalize medical marijuana but they do not serve out-of-state patients.


Connecticut does not allow for marijuana reciprocity, but recreational use for individuals 21 or over remains legal. Adults may possess up to 1.5 ounces at any one given time. Here you can find more about the medical marijuana laws in Connecticut.


Like Florida, Delaware does not currently recognize medical marijuana cards issued by other states, nor do they legalize the recreational use of marijuana.


Florida does not accept out-of-state medical cannabis cards, and recreational use is also illegal. This means only state-residence medical marijuana cardholders can take medical marijuana treatment in Florida.


Although reciprocity is not allowed in Georgia, the health department of Georgia states that “valid registration card holders of low THC oil who have been in Georgia for less than 45 days may be eligible.”


Illinois does not accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards but has legalized recreational cannabis. Non-resident adults aged 21 or older can have 15 grams of cannabis, 250 mg of infusions, and 2.5 grams of cannabis concentrate.


Minnesota does not allow for medical marijuana program reciprocity, and Possession of fewer than 42.5 grams (1.5 ounces) of cannabis is considered a misdemeanour.


State laws do not allow a patient with an out of state medical marijuana card to possess medical marijuana in Missouri.

New York

Medical cannabis cards from other states are not accepted in New york.


Ohio does not recognize medical marijuana cards issued in other states. As the recreational use of marijuana is illegal in the state, the Possession of fewer than 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of cannabis is considered a minor misdemeanor.


While Pennsylvania legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, its laws are still fairly strict. Pennsylvania does not recognize the state’s medical marijuana cards. The medical marijuana program is only available to the local people of Pennsylvania.


Virginia does not recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards.


Vermont’s medical marijuana program does not accommodate out-of-state patients. Since Vermont legalized the recreational use of cannabis, adults over 21 are allowed to carry up to 1 ounce of cannabis.

West Virginia

As per the marijuana law in West Virginia, only terminally ill cancer patients in states with comparable medical cannabis programs may use and purchase in West Virginia.

What to Do When Visiting a State that Practices Reciprocity

While reciprocity allows patients to use medical marijuana while travelling without fear of punishment, there can still be some restrictions. It’s also essential for out-of-state patients to register with the visiting state before being allowed into a dispensary.

Travelling across state lines in MMJ reciprocity states, even if it’s documented for medical use, is not recommended. It is technically a federal crime to fly with marijuana and can be punished with fines or jail time. My MMJ Doctor advises you to research all applicable laws and requirements before visiting any state. If you know the dispensary you’d like to see, call ahead to determine their rules.


If you are a medical marijuana user, knowing the medical marijuana laws for the states you plan to travel to is essential. It is always important to double-check state marijuana websites for up-to-date information on any changes made to their policies or laws. Doing so will help you avoid disruptions in your marijuana treatment and ensure you feel your best while away.

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