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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

April 11, 2023

Marijuana Laws you need to know

Slowly but gradually, states are realizing the role of Marijuana in treating several health conditions, and this is why the use of Cannabis is becoming legal around the country. But when it comes to the legal status, federally, Cannabis remains a Schedule I drug. This doesn’t only mean that you cannot take your Cannabis across state lines without risking a felony. Still, it also means that the Medical Marijuana laws can vary considerably from State to State. And so, patients should never expect that they will be able to purchase, take or enjoy Marijuana the same way they use to do that within their state boundaries wherever they go.

Despite thinking about how long the State enjoys Marijuana and how long it remains legal, you must brush up well on the updated rules and regulations within your State. Buying a Medical Marijuana Card and violating the rules won’t keep you safe from getting into legal troubles, but knowing and following the rules does. So make sure you learn well about the laws passed by the state legislatures. Still, confused about why you must know and remember well about that? Well, let us take a closer look at it, that why you need to do so!

Dispensary locations have broadened

When the states dip their toes into decriminalizing the use of Marijuana, they usually take a conservative attempt to generate the new laws concerning the use and consumption of it. They develop the laws by keeping the essentials in mind as the rules must eliminate the fears in public that the legal drugs will impact the residents’ lives and comfortable lifestyles. Usually, the most rigorous rules are where the dispensaries can be located and deciding who is the right person to get licensed for operating them. Unfortunately, this means that the state-licensed dispensaries will be located away from the famous shopping area. Several states have worked hard to change this. If you have been visiting the dispensaries at inconvenient locations for years, you must now check with the state-licensed dispensaries nearby.

Though the state-licensed dispensaries are approved by the state legislature only, and the patients can access it with a valid Medical Marijuana Card, the possession limits and the forms of Medical Marijuana that a patient can from a dispensary is also available in the rules. So, it is necessary to have a closer look at the licensed state dispensaries and the laws related to possession of Cannabis from there. Every state has separate rules for the possession amount of medical Cannabis and the forms of Cannabis a patient can acquire, and in-depth knowledge of this is certainly essential.

Product Accessibility has increased

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, states have realized the role of Medical Marijuana in enhancing the mental ability and relieving the other health conditions symptoms. With this, the states have deemed Medical Marijuana to be an essential product and protected its access to the patients. With the increasing necessity, the state legislatures have loosened rules concerning how patients can possess the cannabis products they require. For example, in Florida, the patients can now make orders online for the medical marijuana products they need and pick up their dispensaries curb, which was not previously permitted. Washington state allows the dispensaries to make the home deliveries of medical Marijuana. To stay updated about the recent changes, it is essential to keep yourself updated about the rules and regulations. By understanding how your State regulates medical marijuana accessibility, where you can purchase medical Cannabis, how you can buy it, how you can possess it etc., all these questions get the answers.

Despite thinking about how long the State enjoys Marijuana and how long it remains legal, you must brush up well on the updated rules and regulations within your State.

protection from legal issue

Protection from Legal Issues

Getting familiar with the state laws protects the patients from getting into legal trouble. Not only a Medical Marijuana Card is going to help you from getting into legal trouble. It will be best if you follow the state legislature’s approved rules and regulations. Violation of laws can lead to imprisonment or a fine of some varied amount as per the State. The rules will introduce you to what to do and what not to do while having medical Marijuana. For instance, driving under the influence of Medical Marijuana is illegal, and consumption of Marijuana in public places is also prohibited. The state rules book will introduce you with this information that makes it imperative to have proper knowledge of your state rules.

Possession and cultivation Limits

Another thing that has affected the coronavirus pandemic is the possession limits. To maintain the legalization of Medical Marijuana and the consumption in required dosage only, the states have imposed some possession limits for the patients that extend to the cultivation of marijuana plants, like how many plants a patient can cultivate on the private land medicinal use. Yet, as people cannot leave homes due to covid situation, several states are rethinking how much product the patients can possess. So, this may get changed or not. The state laws introduce you to the legal amount of possession limits you can acquire for a particular period.

Familiarizes with Reciprocity

So, on a final thought to this, it is always a good idea to know the laws accurately, especially when it is something related to such a controversial product. Knowing the rules will keep you safe and away from legal troubles. As the Medical Marijuana regulations continue to modify and flex, you should stay updated with the medical cannabis laws in your state or any state you are planning to visit. At My MMJ Doctor, we will keep you updated with the state cannabis laws and the modification from time to time. Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card with My MMJ Doctor and get hold of all the legal rights and privileges that come with it. Receive legal services from the comfort of your home.

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  1. Deborah Talley

    Is marijuana for personal use legal in New Jersey?

    • Patricia Samuelson

      Yes. Marijuana is legal for recreational use in New Jersey. If you are 21 years old and a resident of New Jersey, you can purchase marijuana for personal use. However, if you suffer from a health condition and want to use marijuana for treatment, you can register with the New Jersey health department and apply for an MMJ card. To learn more about how to get an MMJ card, check out our My MMJ Doctor New Jersey page.


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