Why Does Medical Marijuana Affect Everyone Differently?

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Garry Stewart
Written By Steve Brandon

April 17, 2023

Why Does Medical Marijuana Affect Everyone Differently

Have you ever noticed that medicine affects you differently, whereas your friend is experiencing the opposite? The same marijuana herb that reacted differently on your body reacts entirely differently on your friend’s body. Ever thought of the reasons behind it?

Well, even the scientific reasons have a lot to say about it. If you are also searching for the reasons for the same questions, then you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled everything you need to know about it.

Why Does Medical Cannabis Affect People Differently?

We have often heard the statement that weed is just a weed, and there’s nothing change in it. Well, if you are also considering the same statement, then you are all wrong. Yes, because being just a curative plant, there is a lot more to think about it.

From different strains to different compositions of marijuana products, everything affects the person differently. Talking about the scientific reasons it affects everyone differently, let us dive into its explanations.
Reasons why it affects everyone differently!


The primary reason behind the different effects is genes. Our genes determine how our body responds to diverse stimuli, including the active constituents of medical cannabis, namely CBD and THC. When it comes to analyzing the association between medical cannabis and humans, scientists have estimated that approximately twenty percent of the adult population, particularly in the US, has a unique genetic mutation that results in the body’s endocannabinoids’ increased levels.

If you are among those twenty percent of the population, you are less prone to experience THC-induced anxiety. In contrast, if you have below-average endocannabinoid levels, you are more inclined to experience psychoactive effects.

Unique Biochemistry

At a given point in time, there are millions and billions of biochemical processes taking place around a body. These processes include everything from electrical impulses traveling through several nerve fibers to the protein formation by cells. And everyone is unique in their biochemistry.

There are several factors that make it possible to count the numerous combinations present in our biochemical balance. So, whenever we introduce a new constituent to the body, including the cannabinoids, they usually interact differently based on the biochemical reactions taking place within the body.

This is not unique for medical cannabis, but for all the medications, which is why your experience is different from others.


Talking about gender equality is not so uncommon these days; people are instead fighting over it. But yes, even medical cannabis responds differently to males and females. Please don’t consider it as a bias, but it is a fact.

“Females are sensitive to the medical cannabis general effects, whereas men are more likely to get the munchies after smoking marijuana buds. Just like the hormonal difference, even medical cannabis consumption affects it differently.”

Tolerance Power

Another reason yet essential one is the tolerance power. The person having higher tolerance power is less liable to experience the psychoactive effects, whereas the one with low tolerance power is likely to experience more.

Usually, with time and over the continued use of the same thing, people get used to it, and their tolerance power improves. If you are a regular user of medical cannabis, you are likely to have more tolerance power than the one new to it. The person with higher tolerance power usually considers the strain with higher THC content.

Your Overall Health

For a person who has a medical condition, there are chances that your endocannabinoid levels and biochemistry are changed in some manner. While using the medical marijuana treatment, there may be some chemical interactions in the body due to the medications you are taking for other diseases; then, your experience will be different.

As medical cannabis also interacts with other medications, it is highly recommended to obtain medical marijuana treatment with a doctor’s recommendation. Your body might need a different strain than others.

Cannabinoid Content of Medical Cannabis Strain

The cannabinoid content of the medical cannabis strain plays a crucial role in a person’s experience after medical marijuana consumption. If your cannabinoid content is not as per the requirement or not appropriate, then you might experience different effects than others.

Bottom Line!

Medical Cannabis is a curative plant that can treat several health conditions, but a single mistake in consumption can cost a lot. So, by keeping the above points in mind, it is essential to obtain a medical recommendation by a medical doctor to leave an effect appropriate according to your health conditions.

Additionally, obtain a legal right to access cannabis to keep you safe from legal issues. Obtain a medical marijuana card with MY MMJ Doctor and receive your legal right at your doorstep. Stay tuned to get familiar with such information concerning your natural remedy.

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