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How to Get a Medical Card in Georgia?

Complete the process in 3 easy steps

Sign-up and schedule your next appointment with a professional.

Start with booking an appointment online by filling up an online evaluation form with accurate medical and personal details.

Get in Touch With The Professional via Video Conference.

On the scheduled timings, the licensed medical marijuana doctor in Georgia will connect back through the video conferencing or call to evaluate the health condition further.

Receive your Georgia Medical Marijuana Card via Mail.

In the final step, you will register with the State for your Low THC oil card. The DPH will review your information and then approve it. After approval, you will get your Georgia Medical Marijuana Card at your doorstep.

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Customer Reviews

Harry Smith
Harry Smith
“Devoted and Expert”
The professional doctors completed my medical evaluation within 15 to 20 minutes. The expert medical healthcare expert guided me and offered an ideal cannabis consumption routine that proved highly efficient in recovery. I am glad to get their services!


George Wilson
George Wilson
“Exceptionally Streamlined Process”
My MMJ Doctor accounts for the simple process of acquiring a medical marijuana card. I was applying for the first time, and the process felt extremely simple. Besides, the overall staff is highly skilled and assists effectively.


Isabella Jones
Isabella Jones
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My MMJ Doctor accounts for the best services. Everything went flawlessly, from the appointment to the recommendation, and I faced no hassles. I recommend them!


What is a Georgia Medical Marijuana Card?

For accessing medical cannabis in Georgia, individuals need a medical marijuana card or Low THC Oil Registry Card. Once a medical card is issued, individuals can possess a specified limit of cannabis with them for medical reasons. The card is issued by the regulatory authorities. It is an official card that allows patients to possess, consume, and purchase medical cannabis from state-authorized medical dispensaries. Furthermore, individuals can lay their hands on more potent cannabis-infused products.

Qualifying Conditions for Georgia Medical Cannabis Card

A health debilitating medical conditions under the law are one of the following:

Georgia Medical Marijuana Card Requirements

To get a medical marijuana card in Georgia, you must

  • Be a resident of Georgia.
  • Though there are no age requirements, a patient under 18 years needs a registered caregiver.
  • A qualified medical condition.
  • A medical recommendation was obtained from a medical doctor.

Before Getting Into A Georgia Medical License Process

If a person suffers from any qualifying debilitating conditions mentioned in the list, then here is some crucial information you need to know.

As finding a medical cannabis doctor in Georgia is challenging, you need to be very précised about finding a reliable doctor that can provide you with marijuana recommendations.

Additionally, you need to grasp the essential information concerning the card. Here is some crucial information to get a card in Georgia.

How much low THC oil can you buy?

The medically approved patients can possess up to 20 fluid ounces of low THC cannabis oil, and the oil must comprise a maximum of 5% THC.

How long is the medical card valid for?

The medical marijuana card is valid for 02 years. You will see an expiration date on the card, and you must contact the service provider before expiration to continue with the services.

Where can I purchase the low-THC oil in Georgia?

HB 324 oversees the manufacturing, dispensing, and growing of marijuana oil in Georgia. Currently, several dispensaries provide low-THC oil in Georgia. Hit the nearby dispensaries to take benefit of the legality of Medicinal Marijuana Georgia.

Can I cultivate cannabis in Georgia?

Nope! Cultivation of cannabis is illegal, regardless of whether you are a registered patient or not.

What to do if I lose my medical marijuana card?

If you lose the card, you may lose all the privileges you got along with it. In such a situation, you need to contact the state office, and if your Medical Marijuana Card Georgia has not expired, then the DPH will contact your doctor to confirm that you are still under their care.

After the confirmations, it will take up to 15 business days to get the new card ready, costing $25.

Georgia Medical Marijuana Laws

Georgia Weed laws include:

Medical Marijuana Growing Law

Unfortunately, the state doesn’t allow the cultivation of marijuana. Whether you are a registered patient, the state authorities don’t allow you to grow cannabis. Only the state-licensed cultivation facility can cultivate marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Possession Laws

Patients who register with the state authorities as marijuana patients can possess up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil. The medically approved patients can possess up to 20 fluid ounces of low THC cannabis oil, and the oil must comprise a maximum of 5% THC.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Georgia

Georgia has legalized cannabis use for medicinal purposes and permitted marijuana patients to purchase it from state-licensed dispensaries. Several medical marijuana dispensaries in Georgia sell marijuana products to patients to give them easy access to the medicine. Hit the nearby dispensary to access medical marijuana products!

Medical Cannabis for Minors in Georgia

Georgia permits minors with a medical marijuana card to access marijuana treatment to fight a debilitating health condition. But not straight away! Though minors are permitted for the treatment, it requires an assigned caregiver to take care of the minor’s health, monitor their medicine consumption, and purchase marijuana for them.

What Do You Get With A Georgia Marijuana Card?

A Medical Marijuana Card not only provides the legal recommendations only but also endows with

  • Medical Marijuana Recommendations
  • Cannabis Consultations
  • Free follow up appointments
  • Medical record counsellors
  • Educational cannabis resources
  • Same day Medical card registration
  • Live support
  • A team of compassionate and competent medical doctors
  • Access to various patient resource centers
A Summary Of Medical Marijuana In Georgia

Medical Marijuana legalization wasn’t liberal historically in terms of permitting patients to access Georgia medical marijuana treatment. In 2015, Governor Nathan signed a deal known as Haleigh’s Hope Act that permitted access to cannabis oil with up to 5% THC content. The grant qualified only a few patients for the medical marijuana program because there were only eight qualifying health conditions. Additionally, hardly any doctors were ready to get on the board of providing the official cannabis recommendations process. Also, the act passed in 2015, known as HB1, didn’t even make any provisions concerning the growing or distribution of cannabis oil in Georgia. Therefore in May 2017, under Senate Bill 16, an expansion added another six qualifying conditions.
And here comes new hope!
With the marijuana legality for medicinal use, House Bill 324 in April 2019 allowed marijuana in-state growth and low THC oil sales. Furthermore, they also expanded the medical marijuana program to add more qualifying health conditions. This Hope Act permits the six producers to cultivate Medical marijuana preparations along with two universities in Georgia. Medical pharmacies can also sell medical marijuana preparations as per the law, and by January 2020, around 20000 patients had already signed up for it.

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card Georgia!

Lower Age Requirements

Though the medical marijuana treatment is accessible to patients of age 18 or more, with a medical card, a patient below 18 can also access the treatment with the help of a designated caregiver.

Higher Marijuana Quantity Access

The medical marijuana card also provides greater marijuana access as the same quantity is not enough for everyone.

Legal Protections

Obtaining a medical marijuana card can save you from getting trapped in legal troubles. However, not obtaining one can cost a lot as it is still under schedule 1 drug on the federal level.

Save On Taxes

With a medical marijuana card, you can easily purchase medical cannabis without burning a hole in your pocket. Save on cannabis product taxes with legal permissions.

Benefits Of Getting Medical Card From My MMJ Doctor

Easy Online Process

A trouble-free and easy-to-understand online process to handle all the queries.

Guaranteed Savings

Assurance of guaranteed and legal services serving in the same industry for years.

Legal Security

Get your legal security for purchasing, cultivating, and consuming medical Cannabis.

Legitimate Services

Functioning with legitimate services and a trustworthy stop for all your requirements concerning legal rights for medical Cannabis.

Increased Access

Increased access to all the legal services required for acquiring a medical marijuana card.

100 % Secure and Private

Online services endowed by My MMJ Doctor are kept secure and confidential as per HIPAA guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need A Medical Marijuana Card In Georgia?

Having a medical marijuana card in Georgia allows you to access the medical marijuana treatment and possess up to 20 ounces of low THC medical cannabis oil.

Do you think it’s done?

No, the list is huge. It not only allows legal access but also enables you to access additional privileges, including lower taxes, high-quality strains, and many others.

How Do I Qualify For Medical Cannabis Treatment In Georgia?

The Georgia Department of Public Health has appoved a list of qualifying health conditions that allow a patient to access medical marijuana treatment. Patients diagnosed with a qualifying health condition can access medical marijuana treatment but only after getting a recommendation from a state-licensed medical doctor.

Am I Guaranteed To Get Approval For A Medical Marijuana Card After Getting Evaluated By The State-licensed Medical Doctor in GA?

No! The approval of medical marijuana treatment is completely based on the evaluation and health condition of the patient. The patient will get permission only if the medical doctors approve it. It is not guaranteed that every visited patient will get a medical marijuana card or approval for the treatment.

Will My Medicaid Or Insurance Pay For My Marijuana Card In GA?

Well, to get the correct answer to these questions, you are suggested to contact the Medicaid official or insurance provider. They will provide you with the appropriate information concerning this.

Does Georgia Have Reciprocity Laws?

Luckily it’s a yes! Georgia allows the reciprocity law, meaning marijuana patients with valid medical recommendations from other states can access medical marijuana. After filling out a visiting patient form, and must provide out-of-state registration proof.

Can A Caregiver Have More Than One Marijuana Patient?

Yes! A caregiver can serve more than a patient, but the caregiver must apply for a registry card individually for each patient. Also, a caregiver must pay a mandatory fee of $25 for each card.

Can Any Doctor Provide Me With The Medical Marijuana Recommendations In Georgia?

Nope! Only state-licensed medical doctors that are registered with the state can provide the medical recommendations for marijuana treatments. Do not count on every doctor to get valid recommendations for the treatment.

Is Weed Legal In Georgia?

Ample people are still worried about the query “is weed legal in Georgia”. Well to answer it straightforwardly, you will be happy to know that weed is legal in Georgia with valid permissions and for medical purposes only.

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